Earlier this week, my friend lent me samples of two magazines.  I’ve been looking at different magazine options.  Honestly, for no reason since I’m not sure if I need more reading material in my library.  We haven’t even gone through all of our Chiao Hu and 國語日報 (Children’s Newspaper) sets yet.   But like Mandarin Mama, I do like to look at different educational materials for fun.

I’ve heard from Newton Kids, but I’ve never really thought about getting them.  When I saw them it was at our preschool library.  I did not like them because I could not catalogue them.  When a teacher plans his/her curriculum, there are usually themes, for example, studying the moon or the sun one month.  Unless I wanted to pore over every magazine and catalogue them electronically, there was no way I was going to be able to use these non-fiction magazines as resources for children when we study a theme or when they want to learn more about a specific topic.

But, on looking at them again, I do really love this magazine.  It reminds me of elementary Chiao Hu 巧虎 with its large photos and small paragraphs of text, with zhuyin.

I took some pics of some pages.  There are two sections on animals and what’s neat is that there is a theme that kind of ties all of these together, which is caves or holes.  So at the end of the magazine, they talk about different holes we see in daily life, holes in bread, containers, our body, geographically.  I like how the magazine does that.

Info:12 issues per year.  Each books comes with a listening CD.  The focus is on science.

Age:  According to this website, the magazine is suitable for 1st to 4th grade.

Versions: The pics I took are the elementary version I think.   There are also electronic ones  online. I don’t know how you can get old versions.  But I imagine you can?

Cost:  The cost according to the magazine, which I also took a picture of, is $5220 NT for 1 year, 12 subscriptions or $10440 NT for 2 years, 24 magazines.   I’m quoting the final prices, including shipping, to US, Europe, Africa, Canada.

Little Newton

Little Newton Little Newton Little Newton Little Newton Little Newton Little Newton

Little Newton

Little Newton Little Newton Little Newton

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