A friend recently asked me to make a zhuyin companion cards to my flashcards.  I don’t know why I had not thought of that before!  At this point, I think I’ve made most of the materials I have ever wanted to make to help my kids learn their Chinese characters.  So it is time to actually list is out in one summary page for my easy reference.

Character Flashcards

I made both Traditional and Simplified versions of these cards color coded to the book colors, with radicals highlighted.  The Traditional version also comes with zhuyin cards.  They’re available from Etsy.

Traditional Flashcards
Zhuyin Companion Cards PDF, Unlaminated, Laminated versions
Simplified Flashcards


We used Chutes and Ladders in the beginning when Astroboy got bored reading the books every day.   It’s a good alternative to break up the monotony of the books, which both kids got after awhile.  Since he loves playing games and asks to repeat, he was more likely to remember them as well.  Though nothing beats just going ahead to other books.  Sometimes he just needed to move ahead 1-2 books and then he remembered the previous words.  Etsy Shop.

Reference Sheets

I love my hundred boards.  They’ve come in handy so many times over the last few years.  I’ve used them for the kids to check off characters they know, we’re using it right now for Thumper to mark off the characters she’s learning to write weekly, I’ve played very simple racing games with Astroboy when he gets bored with just reading the books.

So many uses.


Hundred Board

I also recently made a heteronym reference sheet.  It has both zhuyin and pinyin, and the very common characters which have two different zhuyin, not just tones, are highlighted.  The only thing is the pinyin is funky in this font.  Traditional with Zhuyin Simplified with Pinyin

Reference Sheet

Character Lists


Hmm…I know I have more material than this.  Oh, writing.  But, my character practice sheets are not actually up to my anal standards.  So when I actually design one one day, I will post them up.  There are also other resources, but I’m not listing them here since we didn’t use them too much compared with these items.

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