Building A Chinese Library For The Kids Series:

Here’s my planned posts on the series   Let’s hope I don’t drop it like so many of my previous attempts.  Sorry, we are not quite close to teenage years so I have no resources on books in middle and high school.  Since Thumper isn’t reading in English much yet, I don’t really know English books progress as well.  So my info can be wrong.

  1. Background on types of Chinese books and How to Choose Them
  2. Survey of Local Libraries’ Chinese Collection
  3. Survey of Some Famous Taiwanese Publishers and Authors
  4. Chinese Board Books 翻翻書
  5. Chinese Picture Books (0-6)
  6. Chinese Books for Beginning Readers 橋樑書 (K-1st)
  7. Chinese Books for Lower Elementary Kids 中低級橋樑書, Part 1 (1st-3rd)
  8. Chinese Books for Lower Elementary Kids 中低級橋樑書, Part 2 (1st-3rd)
  9. Books for Upper Elementary (4th-6th)
  10. Magazines, Newspapers, etc
  11. Audio/Video Collection
  12. All About Buying Books in Taiwan
  13. Where to Buy Books in Taiwan
  14. Where to Buy DVDs in Taiwan
  15. How to Pack Books from Taiwan for Luggage and Shipping
  16. Organizing Chinese Library Examples

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The grade levels on these books are based on my research of when Taiwanese kids are reading these books, from blog posts, and schools’  recommended reading lists.

Primary (3-6yrs old)

Beginning Readers

Elementary (1st-6th grade)