IMG_5319 copyWe took our relatives for a hike @ Muirwoods today.  We arrived at around between 9:15-9:30 and the parking lots were full already.  Thankfully a parking space was found about half mile from the entrance.  Not too bad at all for a Saturday.

Muirwoods is a National Park located in Marin, famous for its tall redwoods.  The paved path in the park are in a loop, with 4 bridges; offering you 4 ways to walk around the redwoods.  Today, we decided to hike the actual trail that branches off of the 4th bridge, the Hillside Trail.  With 2 kids and constant stops, it took us 3 hours total for the 2 mile loop.

With so many tourists, it was really nice to get off the main trail.  Thumper complained and asked when she can leave (“It’s so boring!”) after about an hour.  But we found things to look at and entertain her, including some made up story about a Little Thumper who lives in the woods with her family.  We examined banana slugs, wood stumps, and the red sorrels.  At times like this I resolve to go hiking once a week.  It does not please me at all my children think nature is boring.

I used the time to learn some new Chinese vocabulary.  They’re words I can’t even pronounce.  It’s only a few because at my advanced age I can’t even remember these after 5 minutes.  Hopefully we can use it again when we go again with visiting friends in 2 weeks.  AND I found a copy of the Muirwoods brochure in Chinese!

1.  Banana Slug 香蕉蛞蝓 (Xiāngjiāo kuòyú)


2.  Redwood Sorrel 紅木酸模 (Hóngmù suānmó)


The sorrel leaves fold down when they get direct sunlight.

3.  Lichen 青苔 (Qīngtái) or Moss 苔藓 (Táixiǎn)

IMG_5314 copy
Is this moss or lichen?

4.  Chipmunks 花栗鼠 (Huā lìshǔ)

Wish I’d gotten a pic of the cute chipmunks close to the cafe!

I need to get moving and make some vocab cards for the children before our next visit!  Maybe after my album.  (The ever due album!)