Category: Chemistry

Solids and Liquids are Dense

Age: 7 & 10

Science Co-op Session 1 Week 3: Solids and Liquids are Dense


  • 盤古 Pangu – Chinese Creation Myth
  • Solids are Dense Lab #1
  • Liquids are DenseToo worksheet
  • Lab from Daily Living Science 生活裡的科學

Density is a concept that is repeated very often in the First Great Lesson.  It wasn’t until training that I realized density had a big hand in how the Earth was formed (air in our atmosphere vs the heavy earth core).   It’s why I continue to come back to Montessori science even though I find it hard to implement, because it ties all the disparate scientific concepts together and show how they’re related to each other. (more…)

Properties of Solids, Liquid, Gas

Age: 7 & 10

Science Co-op Session 1: Week 2 – Properties of Solids, Liquids, Gas


  • Mayan Creation Myth
  • Nomenclature Overview – Solid/liquid/gas
  • Air Takes up Space Lab
  • The States of Matter Lab: Presto-ChangE-o water Lab
  • Supplmental for kids who are interested:
    • Radio Lab: Solid as a Rock
    • Radio Lab: Speed

Looking back after we finished the session, I planned too many activities.  Everyone is still getting used to the schedule of arriving at 10:30.  So if we don’t start on time, then the kids start loosing focus by 11:30 because they’re hungry. (more…)

Cold and Very Cold

Age: 7 & 10

Science Co-Op Session 1 Week 1: Cold and Very Cold


  • Norse Myths
  • Cold and Very Cold
  • Blow up Balloon with Dots

After a whole year of gap year traveling, we are back to doing our science co-op.  This is the only way I’m able to squeeze in science, by forcing myself to meet with other homeschoolers once a week.

After talking to Eclectic Mama, we decided to change the format of the class now that the kids are older.  Namely:

  • Limit to age 7 and up.
  • Limit to 4 kids in the beginning
  • One person teach
  • $10 material fee per person.
  • A scheduled start and ending time
  • Bilingual science/history class

The format of the class got set once I realized that I really do want to teach the class because I wanted to do Montessori science.  I’m partial to it because it ties all the different disciplines in science together.   The other thing I really need, because I now have a 4th grader, is a class that doesn’t just have fun activities, but more thoughtful discussion and perhaps some writing.

In order to do that I had to limit it to a group of similar age kids (3 year difference max).  To help with the prep and to encourage people to arrive on time, we also added a $10 material fee and I even wrote up a class description.  All to make it feel like a class that you need to commit to.

Lastly, now that the children are older, we can add English into the class.  In fact, most of the kids actually need some English instruction to help with English exposure.  This, along with the material fee, would help make prep easier, as one reason I kept procrastinating was because I did not relish the painstaking task of translating something like the First Great Lesson story into Chinese.

Thankfully I have cool friends who are easy going and willing to go along with my always overly ambitious plans.  Eclectic Mama even spent an afternoon with me while I babble through my lesson plan options.  Because I can only think through problems by talking about it, rather than thinking in my head. (more…)