GYA13: A Whole Day at Hanauma Bay

Hanauma Bay is the reason why the children hanker to go back to Hawaii.  It was memorable for me because I mindfully played with the children for once and the fun time we had stuck in my brain.  In 2013, I had herniated discs and basically couldn’t lift anything heavy.  How bad?  If I didn’t take things easy, eventually my right foot would start tingling, signaling compression of a nerve.  Not good.

Itinerary: Hanauma Bay, Ala Moana Shopping Mall

1.1386363784.eggs-spm-and-ricrThis morning, after some fitful sleep by both kids, they woke up at 7 and 8am. We walked to the corner Micky D’s for some breakfast. Other than the breakfast sandwich we got, I couldn’t resist the Eggs, Spam Rice combo. Astroboy liked it. Thumper wouldn’t try it.

I couldn’t decide if we should rent a car for the day to go see the island, check out the luau show at Polynesia Cultural Center, or just go to Hanauma Bay. I wanted to do an easy day where we don’t walk much so my back can rest. So we came back to the hotel to do some research. Unfortunately, same day car rental is way too expensive and time was running out, so we rushed out the door again and walked to the bus stop to go to the beach.


GYA13: Hello, I’ve Missed You Honolulu

I’ve been discussing packing lately with Fleur.  This post reminds me to not bring carseat if you travel alone with kids!  I’m also reminded of how much I obsess with sleep (because well rested children means less whiny children, my pet peeve) and my posts tend to be peppered with how much sleep the kids get or don’t get.

Itinarary today:  8am flight, 1:30pm checkin at Ramada Plaza Waikiki Honolulu, Sangkee lunch, ABC store run, failed nap, beach!, Ala Moana dinner, THUD.

Short Version:
Woke kids up at 6am, good flight, they won’t take naps, had a lot of fun at beach, LONG walk to dinner, SO tired.

Long Version:
The lesson of the day when traveling with two children by yourself is, check in your two solidly packed carryons.  Don’t try to save that $25 baggage fee. 


GYA13: T minus 3

Wow, re-reading these entries remind me how organized I used to be!  Yes, in hindsight, definitely bring the towels, Advil, Mac & Cheese, and cereals.  Really, any “American” food.  The one thing I did not pack was a thermometer,  which is going on my packing list this time.  Both kids came down with multi-day high fever within the second week we were there.  When you’re used to reading degrees in F, it’s hard to use a Celsius thermometer.  Not fun to deal with while your kid is sick.

I would also like to note, we did NO homeschooling while we were there.  Those notebooks went untouched for 3 months.

It took me all Thanksgiving weekend to pack 1 carry on and 1 suitcase. I think the lack of sleep the last 7 years has done me in. I just cannot concentrate and work longer than in 10 min increments. And there are so many little things to pack! I’m really surprised we managed to fit our 4 day side trip into one carry on and everything else in just 1 suitcase.

gap year 1


GYA13: T Minus 5

Three years ago, I blogged about our trip to Taiwan for 3 months.  Since we’re doing a Gap Year Adventure 2016, I thought I’d move these posts over now that I have my own website and backdate them.  It’s kind of nice re-reading these posts.  I’d forgotten all about our trip already and what I did to prepare and where we went during our stay!

Five more days and I’M NOT READY!  I finally sat down and made my packing list yesterday.  Have been busy shopping the last few weeks.  Trader Joes souvenirs, check; iPad mini for long flight, check; new bank accountnew Eagle Creek luggagenew clothes for everyone, school supplies for homeschooling, check check check; madly ripping DVDs for said iPad, not even close to being done, trips to the Taiwan Culture and Economic Center, triple check.

The great thing is that we’re preparing during Thanksgiving so we’ve been able to get good deals.  I’ve decided I’m only shopping once a year, during Thanksgiving.  It’s amazing the deals if you’re willing to brave the crowd or stay up till 12am shopping on Turkey Day.

Baba says that I’ve been making progress, but I keep feeling like I’m missing something super important.  I know we can buy things there but, as I discovered the last time Thumper got sick in Taiwan, sometimes it’s better to pack it than buy locally during an emergency. (more…)