We’re using Sagebooks as our curriculum for learning to read Chinese.  Here is a summery of how I’m using the curriculum.

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  1. Using the Sagebook Series (3 period lessons, composing sentences)
  2. Characters #501-#510


  1. Slapping cards
  2. Chutes and Ladders
  3. Hundred Board
  4. Character matching

Extensions & Variations

  1. Sagebook Blue Series book 1 Reader
  2. Character Dictionary
  3. More Sagebook readers for pink and blue series


  1. Chinese Writer Character Packs
  2. Anki Character Packs
  3. Skritter Sagebook Lists, Using Skritter to Help Children Remember Their Chinese Characters
  4. Sage books Character Writing Practice Sheets
  5. Sagebook Companion Resources
  6. Supplemental Materials
    1. Hundred Board (Simplified, Traditional)


  1. Second week using Sage books
  2. Sage progress week 5
  3. Back on the horse with Sagebooks
  4. If you’re going to use Sagebooks, buy everything
  5. Analyzation of Sagebook Character Choices
  6. We’re done with Sagebooks!

After Sagebooks

  1. Greenfield – What Comes after Sagebooks
  2. Learning the next 500 Chinese characters

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