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Review: Let’s Play (Chinese) Writing Curriculum 來玩寫作的遊戲


IMG_0045Last year, I bought a whole bunch of books from Greenfield.  That’s the company that makes the books you can use after Sagebooks.  I didn’t buy that set of readers, but rather a bunch of other stuff: several first grade chapter books, Let’s Play Writing, and High Efficiency Reading.  They arrived in November, too late for us to use in the Fall semester.

I finally dusted them off and added them into our work plan this semester.  Though we’ve only done 4 chapters, I am loving this curriculum.

Let’s Play Writing is actually a set of 3 books, from Taiwan.  It’s out of print in Taiwan for some reason.  So the only place I can buy it is Greenfield.  I’d been trying to figure out how to teach writing for at least 6 months, asking any Chinese teacher I know, looking at textbooks, even talking to my ESL Teacher Sister.   In the meantime, I started on an English writing curriculum called Writing with Ease.

When I talked to ESL Teacher Sister, she said that some important education dude thinks children learn how to write by writing a lot.  This is a bit different from the Writing with Ease curriculum which says that you learn narration and dictation first for 2-3 years and learn the mechanics of writing, before you start writing.


Greenfield Books – what’s after Sage books

Though I have plans to do a Sagebook-like thing after 500 characters, I’m currently researching Greenfield to see what books they have and put together a group order.  Unfortunately, their website is super hard to navigate.  So here I am writing a summary so it makes sense to me.

Greenfield has a “system” for learning Chinese for overseas students, based on the whole language system.  Makes sense since Chinese is all sight words.  They break it down into 5 steps; and I added 2 more after you learn how to read.

*K = Kindergarten (K1=3, K2=4, K3=5yr), P = Elementary, M = Middle School, H = High school

  1. 兒歌 Nursery Songs – 0-5 years old
  2. 全語文閱讀 Whole language reading – 3-7 years old / K1-P1
  3. 構字規律 Character composition rules – 6-8 years old
  4. 心裡詞彙 – Building vocabulary – 6-8 years old
  5. 分享研討 – Reading Comprehension – 6-14 years old / P1-M1
  6. Reading for Fun
  7. Writing Series

What helped me understand the system was also looking at their catalogue, which gives you the grade level.

The Quick Summary

After Sagebooks, look to the I Can Read Series for young kids.  Maybe the Reading Rainbow Series for older kids.  Other sets are available as more reading material.  But these two series are graded so probably a good series to use as a curriculum.  I’m also planning to get their writing books.

兒歌 Nursery Songs

I won’t go into it here because this is not the stage I’m in.  The basic premise is that you start learning a language through songs.  Makes sense.  Research has shown that.   Here is the link to their explanation and even if you don’t read Chinese, you can see the 2 links on the website which shows you images of the books.   But, there’s no pinyin with the books.  So not useful for non-Chinese speakers.

These are for your 0-5 year olds.  Or for heritage parents, maybe 0-3?