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Zhuyin Bingo


On top of the zhuyin class, we’ve also been doing zhuyin activities at home.  I won’t document all of them because it always varies depending on where they’re at in the process.  Are they learning to:

  • recognize zhuyin characters
  • learning to blend and read
  • reading sentences
  • writing zhuyin

Here is one fun activity we did the other day.  It is specifically for learning to recognize zhuyin characters.  The zhuyin I used are specific to the first 4-5 chapters of the Kang Xuan 康軒 book we’re studying from.  I think the game is more fun when you already know most of the characters so it is best to play this after you’re past chapter 3.


文字接龍 Shiritori

Age: 4.75 & 7.75

Presentation: 文字接龍 Shiritori

The kids and I played a fun game today while eating our Chocolate Chip cookies at Fat Apples.  It’s something I’ve played with Thumper since she was about 4.5.  This game is a great way to gauge what words your kids know, to have them think outside of the box, to be aware of tones, and lastly, to learn vocabulary from you.

In Japanese, the game is called Shiritori.  Not sure what you would call it in English.  But you could totally do a similar version in English with ending syllables or ending letters.

The Rules

The way you play is simple.  One person starts with a word (i.e. 2+ Chinese characters), probably a noun.  The next person connects it by re-using the last character.  For example, 天空,空腹,腹部,部首,手腳,餃子.  You will note that it’s often a two character word used, even more often a noun.  But, the rules are wide open.  I’ve allowed the kids to use idioms (成語), phrases (大人->人都不在家), to allow the changing to tones between turns (天空->恐龍).

There are rules for what you cannot do as well.  I don’t usually allow the kids to use 子 as ending character, because it’s hard to connect.  Or, you cannot go in circles; 天空->空空 would be bad.

How We Play

This is a game we often play in the car.  Super great for that 15-20 minute drive to and from school.  Typically Thumper starts.  I try to think up of words that are NOT children’s daily words.  Otherwise you will keep using things like balloon, colors, food they eat, etc because it’s easy and things they know.    I make sure to introduce words that I know are new vocabulary, and explain them.  For example 空腹 is something Thumper doesn’t know.  For Astroboy, I have to be patient and wait more than 10 seconds before asking him leading questions.  For example, today he had to use “吃”, and I had to ask him in various ways “What do you like to eat?”  before he could make up a word.  It isn’t because he doesn’t understand the concept, but very young children have a tough time thinking up answers.  They would do much better if you gave them choices instead.